Over the past two years we have rolled out our own blockchain and now we’re ready to make it available for projects all over the world

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SUMUS is an international team of like-minded people who are fighting for the transparency and accessibility of blockchain in society. Blockchain technology enables us to help our partners develop and operate more efficiently. We firmly believe that the future lies in decentralization and public blockchain.

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SUMUS is the whole world.
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    We are a young team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience in the area of cryptography and IT technology.We have all chosen our own paths in what has been a long and interesting experience for each one of us.Our universities, our beloved Alma Mater, provided us with knowledge and strength, and our teachers instilled true values in us.In our own way, we have all brought these values up along the steps of life, rising and falling into the uncertainty of the future, where we have always seen our goal.The life experience we have gained has helped us become efficient managers and successful businessmen.Each of us has made our way to the top – whether it be at HP, Apple or IBM.As a result, we reached the conclusion that we are now ready to put our know-how and experience to work for the good of society.As mathematicians, cryptographers, bankers and economists, we can use our knowledge by giving people opportunities to achieve something great.We no longer think about each other as we have become a team.A team of professionals aiming to build a world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains that are closer and more useful to people. Our projects are transparent and productive, and are geared towards constructing a mutually advantageous and trustworthy environment for all participants throughout the world.Blockchain has helped us build trust where previously there was none. This is what always allows us to deliver the desired results. We help make people successful and businesses efficient.

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    Advisory services

    The competencies of the SUMUS team cover a broad range of blockchain and crypcur operations. Our experts have been engaged for over 20 years in the creation of software and hardware solutions in the area of cryptography and information security.

    Our team consists of experts well versed in IT issues and financial markets, certified mathematicians and international analysts, thus allowing us to execute orders for the development of blockchain solutions of any complexity and provide a comprehensive assessment of the investment appeal of projects.

    We would also be pleased to assist you with any security issues and provide a qualified expert appraisal of all available solutions.

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    • Technical consulting
    • Development of blockchain projects
    • Audit of the program code, testing and advisory
    • Comprehensive assessment of blockchain projects

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